• Improper disposal of greywater in non-sewered areas with poor drainage causes health problems
  • Under utilization of alternative water source that can decrease freshwater demand


Potential benefits from greywater use in non-sewered areas would be from irrigation at household level to supplement nutrition requirements.


  • Health: Ensure risk of infection from any pathogenic organism present in greywater is negligible

  • Soil: Avoid damage to soil from long term-application of greywatwer


Without treatment, the use of greywater for irrigation is not advised.  Efficient and affordable technology is required to guarantee safe and beneficial reuse.


Low level technology like garden towers have been studied. However, balancing affordability, simplicity and health concerns remains a challenge. 


  • Sustainable greywater treatment 

  • Sub-surface irrigation

  • Appropriate technology for non-sewered households lifestyle

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