2 Accelerator Programs, 1 Prototype and 8 Very Intense Weeks

8 weeks of fast-paced learning and lots of hands on prototyping. Racing from Lund to Stockholm can be summed up in three words- intense, fulfilling and valuable!

Tshepiso working away with a laser cutter at the IDE[A]CTION workshop

The Ide[A]ction is a volunteer organization in Stockholm that supports early stage ideas with methodology, knowledge and tools to test the technical and commercial viability of a physical product.

Each week presented new challenges and learning. Creating models on the computer and seeing them come to life using laser printers and 3-D printing was one of my best takeaways. Weekly workshops, were conducted by various guests from the Stockholm startup community which was great to opportunity to explore possibilities. Workshops varied from Pre-prototyping, intellectual property, material library, and my favorite, life cycle analysis.

The result of our 8-week journey is a model prototype of the filter and irrigation system. During the iteration process, with the help of the Ide[A]ction team, we decided to add a turbidity sensor as a quality and maintenance check. The filtration method in this first model is based on the traditional planted sand filtration design which we selected as a cost effective alternative.

There's still some additions required to ensure safe reuse as turbidity doesn't give an indication of pathogen load. A disinfection process will be required. Through this process we were able to identify more competitors and similar solutions. This is encouragement that we aren't alone and we can all draw from our experiences and research.

While I was prototyping in Stockholm, Ankita (our Business Development Manager) was leading the Climate-Kic Greenhouse programme on the other side of the country in Lund. The Greenhouse is a pre-incubation programme for entrepreneurs who have a climate business idea and the motivation to make it happen. Support is provided in the form of grant, business coaching and workshops.

Participating in the Greenhouse and Ide[A]ction programme in parallel was an invaluable experience. While Ide[A]ction had a technical approach technical, Greenhouse equipped us with knowledge and support to formulate the business model of GreyGrown.

Our most fruitful workshop was one about customers. Calling our first customer was nerve-wrecking and fulfilling. We left with confidence that we should call more people to achieve the greatest impact GreyGrown can provide. The Greenhouse programme steered us towards structure and milestones. The newly formed team was able to explore the dynamics and settle into roles & responsibilities.

An intense end to 2019 and great momentum for 2020!

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